biggest wedding mistakes

It is normal that people make mistakes, it is constantly happening. Although we all want to make a perfect wedding, it is always possible to forget something to plan to make mistakes, and to avoid certain mistakes, you can note the following fact.

First, a common mistake that should not allow itself is to someone influence on your taste. On your wedding should be music that you and your friends prefer, to have the decorations in your favorite colors and similar. Do not let someone determined for you, because you need to feel on that wedding just the way it is right for you.
If you don’t have a big budget, then try to avoid additional and unnecessary costs such as consulting agencies that will give you tips that you can find and read for free online. Or that your photographer keep the rights on images from your wedding. Also find good DJ or Band who will play music on your wedding, don’t use some cheap or bad musicians, you need someone who will make a great atmosphere.

One very important thing is that you have to be careful if your wedding happens outdoor, you should have a plan B, if rain falls, where to move your wedding.

The important thing is to create a plan for your budget, calculate exactly how much money you need, how you would not go into debt or found yourself in an awkward situation, this plan you should do together, and it would be a very instructive and useful lessons for continuation of your common life

If your friends have organized a boys ‘or girls’ night before your wedding day, try to avoid alcohol, because tomorrow is your wedding and you do not need bags under eye, stomach aches, headaches, etc. try to skip it. Or plan for another day.