The most beautiful destinations for you perfect wedding day are actually locations that are located far away from town. Some locations in nature, forest, beaches, rivers, mountains… We make chose of top10 wedding locations on the world:

1. Venice

For people who like different and unique wedding, this town in Italy are one of the most beautiful places for romantic wedding. Town of Romeo and Juliet, on a beautiful gondola will make your wedding day so perfect. There is no other place in Europe that can match with this romantic atmosphere and aura for newlyweds.

venice wedding

2. Mountain in New Zealand

You are lover of natural, mountains, rivers? If your answer was YES, then the top of a Mountain in New Zealand is a perfect place for your wedding. To go on the top of this mountain you need to fly by helicopter , so you could imagine a view from the top of that Mountain? There is a wedding services in New Zeland that will make all for you.

new zealand wedding

3. Jamaica

Make a wedding on Jamaica was especially pleasure for those who love the easy lifestyle, rasta culture or special tropical climate of Jamaica. One of the most beautiful beaches in this side of world are on Jamaica, where your dreams come true! Best locations for wedding in Jamaica are in Ocho Rois, Montego Bay and Half Moon. So if you want to have magical wedding, this is great chose for you.

jamaica wedding

4. Bali

One of the best places in Indonesia are Bali, Tandjung Sari Resort, this place was ling time been on top list for weddings and honeymoons destinations. One really beautiful beach was offered to people who come here to get married.

bali wedding

 5. Tanjung Rhu

Tanjung Rhu are located in Malaysia, also for beach lovers this place is really great for weddings. Best thing here is a traditional Malay ceremony with costumes, which offers for people who come here to get married. Romantic music, flowers, romantic meal all is include. Definitely great palace for you big day.


Tanjung Rhu wedding

6. Lake bled

Slovenia is small country and there is not a lot places, but this place is ideal for wedding. There are three venues available for wedding, its depending on the weather. Most beautiful part of wedding on Lake Bled are after the ceremony, when people going on the boat at the hotel’s private jetty. Beautiful views and experience are guaranteed.

like bled wedding

 7. Dubrovnik

One of the most beautiful places in Croatia. Dubrovnik deserved to be found at our list of top10 wedding locations on the world. A lot of people from Slovania coming here to get married, and its popular location, if you are also Slovenian and need accommodations check on this website it will be useful for you. Also you can choice between tradicional and modern wedding.

dubrovni wedding


8. Scotland

You would like to have wedding in kilt? Tradicional Scotland weddings are atractive for tourists, its look beautiful, because of that green impressive gardens and old towers also. This is great place for all people how want fairytale wedding. Also great accommodation for your first wedding night.

scotland wedding

9. India

In the hearth of the mystical east, are located this wonderful India, and for people with and adventurous spirit this place for wedding are great option. There is a lot of services companies who would offer you great plan for you wonderful wedding in India. For the lovers of their particular tradition, this will surely be a favorite location for wedding.

india wedding


10. New York

In heart of this big and romantic city New York, is located a Central Park, one of the most beautiful parks in the world and its really big. If you do not live in NY, when you enter the park you will have this feeling like you’re somewhere far away from the city and that you are in the beautiful countryside.

central park wedding